Welcome to LIVS

Dr. Leslie Brown has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 15 years. During her time as a strictly classically trained veterinarian she became frustrated with the limits of the “tools in her toolbox” and in the last 12 years has broadened and deepened that toolbox by many degrees. Dr. Brown’s approach to animal wellness, illness and injury is a marriage of disciplines both ancient and new. Certified in Acupuncture and Chiropractic and nearly complete in her study and certification of Homeopathy and Chinese Herbs, Dr. Brown’s approach takes into account her patient’s entire well-being, including environment, diet, and owner observations. She recognizes an owner’s knowledge of their animal is important and could be key to determining proper diagnosis and treatment if treatment is necessary. Dr. Brown has many years of experience in discernment of animal needs and care, but she is not the only asset at LIVS. Our wonderful dedicated staff is here to provide a full service clinic in a respectful, relaxed environment with your animal’s health and wellness at the center of all of the work we do. They, like Dr. Brown, have many years of experience in this field - with all of those years disseminating from a deep love for animals.

At LIVS we offer this experience and compassion to you and your furry family members. We appreciate your trust in us, and your partnership.